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HTML5 Website Development.

HTML5 Website Development.

At Insitech HTML5 Development Company, we are experts in taking your business to the next level. We advise you on the HTML5 Web Design and HTML5 Website Development so that your project achieves success. Whether it's creating an app or developing a website for your business, we always provide you with the best open-source platforms and solutions in the world.

  • Web Design with HTML5

    Since the early days of the Internet, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) has emerged as the standard language for structuring, connecting and making available, regardless of platform, content on the World Wide Web. Despite this, the development of this language became unproductive after the publication of HTML 4.01 in December 1999 continued to evolve. Surfing the net is not what it was at the end of the millennium. In addition to text and images, multimedia elements make the Internet what it is today - influenced by the growing interest in mobile offerings.

    In recent years, modern use of the Internet has far surpassed hypertext language. Today's web pages rely on many plugins to meet the demands of programmers, editors and consumers. HTML5 Web Design and HTML5 Website Development put an end to it.

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  • The new HTML5 web standard shows its strength.

    Our web administrators respond with interactive contact forms, commenting features, or social media integration, although online games that can be accessed directly from the browser are also added to this. Along with the classic HTML tags in angle brackets, the structure of HTML5 is characterized by specific markup, multimedia elements, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which are available alongside JavaScript.

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  • Plugins from private providers like Adobe Flash are a thing of the past.

    With our HTML5 Website Development, programmers can work without depending on software companies and, thus, can develop secure and accessible web pages. Our HTML5 Website Development aces the latest in HTML5 Web Design.

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About HTML5 Website Development

The HTML5 Website Development is different from the previous one as it is a product implemented by two groups of developers working in parallel. When the W3C consortium discontinued the HTML project following version 4.01 and instead concentrated on developing XHTML, widespread dissatisfaction emerged in many organizations about the new course that the standardization committee had adopted. The slow development of web standards through W3C became the nightmare of software companies and browser vendors.

In response to the new W3C organization, the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) community was founded, dedicated to developing HTML standards and driving application uptake. In 2004, to the surprise of W3C, WHATWG presented the first proposal for HTML5. Two years later, W3C once again entrusted its working group with HTML development based on the version of WHATWG. In 2009, W3C announced that it would not participate in the development of XHTML. Instead, he concentrated on developing the HTML5 specification in cooperation with WHATWG.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Web Design with HTML5 today!

5 Reasons To Choose Us

  • 1. We create the application from the elaborate design. We always base our work on open source programming languages like PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript that ensures a straightforward evolution of the application. We develop mobile APPs in a multiplatform way for both IOS, Android, Windows Phone.

  • 2. We check the functionalities developed and also the entire system globally.

  • 3. We provide solutions with the best open-source tools to develop and achieve an excellent SEO positioning on the Internet. Such as PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Responsive Web Design (all devices). The best CMS (content managers), WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Online store management systems (eCommerce) such as Prestashop and Magento.

  • 4. We carry out the analysis, design and also creation of your website. The graphic design of your website (or virtual store) is built, the functionalities are created and the appropriate tests are also carried out.

  • 5. We do a complete follow-up until everything is 100% OK.

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