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Content Management (CMS).

Content Management.

CMS or Content Management Systems are applications that allow us to manage the content published on websites comfortably. At Insitech, we offer the best practices and integrated strategic approach to Creative Content Management with our Content Management Service.
Content Management System is a system that allows us to manage content, allowing editors to change any text, image or video in a comfortable way and without having to deal with the code. Our Content Management Service manages content in a digital medium and for the particular case at hand.

Business Content Management manages the content of a website.

A CMS is a tool that allows an editor to create, classify and publish any information on a web page. Generally, CMS works against a database, so the editor updates a database, including new information or editing the existing one. Currently, most of the pages we visit are published under a CMS.

Enterprise Content Management allows us to maintain the content in an agile way and at the same time allows anyone to dedicate themselves to this task, regardless of their technical knowledge. Of all the content management systems, WordPress stands out, undoubtedly the most popular and widespread today.

Why use a CMS

There are many reasons why it is essential to use a CMS, but we can mainly divide them into two parts:

From the developer's point of view, a CMS can save a lot of work on creating a website since many of the repetitive tasks required in each site are already implemented when the CMS is installed. In this way, the professional does not have to worry about doing things like administration panels, building secure access so that users can enter with their password, or allowing visitors to leave their comments on the site.

At the same time, the CMS incorporates multiple ready-made layouts that can be installed and help create nice looking sites without too much effort. The designs are interchangeable, and within a few minutes, a site can change radically just by replacing the template.

Business Content Management from the publisher's point of view

Imagine a newspaper or any other reasonably complex pages that have to be updated daily or several times a day. Where in addition, the people who edit the information do not have computer skills? These editors have to facilitate their work using a tool that allows them to upload data to the web and classify it to appear in the correct place. Of course, these people should not worry about the page's code or the programming peculiarities of the platform where the web is hosted. They only have to concentrate on writing the news or any content and then uploading it to the page through an intuitive and fast system. Once published and classified, the information should appear on the website automatically, in the places where the editor has decided.

A CMS Business Content Management tool will generally contain an interface based on forms, usually accessed with the browser, where the contents can be quickly registered. These contents will then appear on the page where it has been indicated when writing them. Therefore, a CMS will be composed of two parts, a back and a front. The back is where administrators publish the information, and the front the part where visitors view them.

5 Benefits of using Content Management Service on web pages

The main benefits of using a CMS are the low maintenance costs vs the costs of maintaining a static website or having no built-in management system.

  • 1. Low Maintenance Costs: With a CMS, you have full authorship of the content on your current site. It does not require extra costs of outsourcing or training employees.
  • 2. Time-Saving: You control the publication of your pages immediately. Adding and modifying web pages with a CMS takes only minutes compared to complex design programs and HTML code editors.
  • 3. Better Control of your Brand: A Content Management Service separates the content of your presentation, using templates and style controllers for the design. In this way, you can manipulate the method to maintain a consistent and professional corporate image.
  • 4. More and Better Information: The CMS system gives you an agile way to control and approve the publication of topics and information on your website. Thus, you can publish the pages when you are entirely sure that the data is correct and to your satisfaction.
  • 5. Greater Interaction with the User: Our Content Management Service offers modules and components that give your website a lot of interaction with your website visitors, such as: Discussion Forums, User Registration, Online Product Catalogs and shopping carts, Book Visits, Contact Form Managers, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists, Subscription Newsletters, and many more!
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