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Ensemble aims to provide astronomical data, such as space weather, to companies and different organizations so that they can avoid damage to satellites, communication systems, energy grids, and other important structures.


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Goal Of The Website

The purpose of the website is to provide information about the products that Ensemble offers, the team behind the company, and a place where visitors can schedule a demo. Despite the straightforward objectives of the site, the original one overcomplicated what was displayed and lacked an appealing theme. The website’s content was overwhelming to look at as it had too many words and it was not easy to read. In order to address this, we focused on creating a very visual platform, making the website attractive and easier to digest the information. We kept the words limited and simple on the landing page for any general visitor to browse through while keeping more details available for those who wanted to dive deeper. Overall, our key focus was to create a website that was appealing and easy to understand, especially for a product of higher complexity.

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