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Everything You Need To Know About HTML5

Published Tue May 10

The basic facts to know about HTML5, how it is playing a vital role today.

Do You Know What HTML 5 Is?

HTML5 (hypertext Markup Language) is the modern/recent version of HTML language. In this version, the language itself has been updated and certain/specific modifications resulting in significant motives in the design of language. The purpose was to regularize HTML 5 in multiple ways in which developers will be using it. This new version enables you to build more complex and powerful websites and apps. It also supports offline working, high definition video, animations and defining your geographical location.

The motives on which HTML5 is designed:

  • Making code understandable to read for screen readers.
  • Separating design from content.
  • Persuading design responsiveness and regularity across browsers.
  • Weakening the overlap between HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Supporting multimedia while terminating the necessity for plug-ins such as Flash and Java.

Progressive Things Introduced In HTML 5

  • WebM Video Format

HTML5 introduced audio and video markers which erased the requirement of browser plug-ins.

At this level of technology, HTML5 also established a WebM Video format which is a rightly managed video setup. It delivers an extraordinary compression to aspect ratio. WebM is favored by most browsers and is manipulated in video elements.

  • Web Storage

HTML5 storage can be used for application cache, web SQL database and web storage and allows the data to be saved locally independent of cookies.

  • Easy Usability

Though continuous/steady updates carry some obstacles, it is normally simple to keep up with the shifts and updates because of simpler syntax as described in relation to other versions of HTML.

  • Placeholder and Email Attribute

Placeholder is operated with the “input” element to deliver a short hint to help users fill passwords or data entry fields. So as with email, input type in the form set as browsers get the instructions from code to write a valid email format. The input email id is automatically validated to check the email format.

  • Vector Graphics

It can be used to draw graphics with various shapes and colors. Usually JavaScript vector graphics are scalable, easy to create and edit. It also supports interactivity and animation. The smaller file makes transferring, locating, loading graphics much faster on the web, that’s why many people prefer using HTML5 over flash.

  • Figure And Figure Caption

To place a figure in your website, HTML5 allows a figure element to markup an image and thus, provides a figure caption element  to tag the image also and to define what the image is about. It is set to be a modern way of delivering your content more attractively. You can use a single or group of captions for the image.

Why You Should Use HTML5

HTML5 offers a wide range of benefits than previous version of HTML,

  • It Is Compatible Across Browsers

HTML5 is braced up by all prime browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera as well as iOS. Despite it, you can use any browser either on your computer screen or your mobile.

  • It Enables Offline Browsing

HTML5 allows you to create offline applications. Browsers are now able to download the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript  images. You can say it is making application cache internally. With this aspect, if anybody wants the web application access without an internet connection, the browser will  provide the local copies and the user will not panic on losing internet connection.

  • It Allows You To Write Simpler Code

One of HTML5’s semantic elements is simple coding. Beforehand, descriptive codes with styles were carried by developers; large menus, headers, footers, and navigations intermingled with each other and your web starts to look overwhelming. HTML5 benefits you to separate the style and content which creates an effective look to the website.

  • It Is More Accessible

HTML5 is easy to write, easier to maintain, easy to redesign, better for search engine optimization, better for the blind and visually impaired, great for content aggregators and feed readers, mobile friendly,  and better for users with slower internet.

HTML5 Tools

To run your websites effectively and skillfully, HTML5 having so many advance tools is a great option for developers:

  • HTML5 Maker

HTML5 maker is an animating tool used to generate cross browser animated content such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 animation, Sliders, presentations, and slideshows, and it’s also an amazing banner editor.

  • Live weave

It allows you to direct HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can download the codes in archive and also carry a code hinting feature which makes testing and development faster and easier.

  • Font Dragr

A font dragr is a web based application in HTML5 and CSS to test custom fonts. It allows you to drag or drop font files from your file system into the drop area. The browser will then make data to use content in the dropped font.

  • Adopt Edge Animate

It helps you to create high quality vector graphics that are scalable, reusable and adaptable for cartoons, banners, games and other interactive content. Also used in digital publishing and advertising fields, it permits users to generate eye-catching animations which run in multiple devices.

  • Video JS

Video JS supports HTML5 video and modern streaming formats. If you want to add videos to your website you should use this tool as it makes videos look good and supports it in playback on mobile and desktop.

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