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How to Hire a Web Designer to Build a Website?

Published Thu Feb 10

Getting your idea into a concept and conceptualising it on a website is a big task and requires some work doing. From the users’ point of view, different users have different purposes of visiting the website. Some visit it for the informative purpose or for buying any product, and some view for the cute and beautiful pictures.

But behind the website the focus is not just only to increase the massive traffic of viewers to see the cute picture or get the product or services, it is about the user-friendly, easy to understand and navigate website.In this article, you will get to know how to hire a web designer, how much it costs, and how much they charge per month.A professional web designer has experience in creating high-quality websites possessing all the components like website content and structure, navigation logic, compatibility, and usability. It is important to hire an effective web designer that has the skill of creating a website user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing through the following ways:

  • Budgeting for website design or redesign – There are two things, how much you are willing to pay for web design and what’s the size of your product. The greater your budget, the greater will be the level of your web design. So, you can have a better idea of where you go for your work and what your desired expectations are.
  • Choosing a designer (Freelance or by any service agency) – There are numerous freelancers and design agencies available who are helping people in web designing. It can be difficult to select the best, but you can make it easy by comparing the portfolio, testimonials, and services of different web designers or agencies.
  • Post a job – After searching for a web designer, the next step is to post a job covering the details about your ideas, objectives, and other requirements. You can either post it to any website and directly meet with an agency or freelancer.
  • Check the prices – compare the prices to check who can align with your budget. Many service agencies do not post their prices. You have to contact them for their pricing; however, some offer a website design estimation calculator, through which you can estimate your cost.
  • Finalize your designer and track their progress – Once you have chosen the web designer either a freelancer or from the agency, give a go-ahead and keep in touch to get the progress.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Designer to Build a Website?

There is no fixed cost for web design, as the cost depends upon several factors such as per hour, customer need (personalized or customized service), length of the project, number of pages, profile, and experience of the web designer.
Moreover, there are two ways of charging the services either charge per hour or by flat rate. From the designer perspective, the charge per hour is beneficial but from the client perspective flat rate is beneficial.

Charge per hour – Usually the estimates of designing a website range from $30 – $80/ hour, however, there are still some freelancers available who are charging $10 per hour. Again, the charges depend upon two factors; the first is long-term projects, regular projects, or working as a non-profit, for such web designing charges per hour are low. Second is the complicated projects that require a web developer, graphic designer, or programmer so this hourly charge may be higher.

Charge a Flat Rate – As discussed earlier, it is favored by a client because they know how much they have to pay upfront; however, the web designer doesn’t like this because they cannot estimate how long the project will take time. Therefore, it is good to ask many questions before taking on the projects to limit the endless requirement of clients.

The basic flat rate of web design is mentioned below which may vary from $5000 to $10,000 depending on the client needs.

  • Setup: $160
  • Design and building: $5,000
  • Content creation: $500
  • Client training: $600
  • Maintenance: $500
  • Total: $6,760

How Much Do Web Designers Charge Per Month?

Charging per month for a web design is around $5000 to $30,000 which depends on the contract, and maintenance requirement.

Thinking about designing your website from a designer? Now you have a clear idea of why it is important to hire a designer, how you will get the expert designer by budgeting, choosing, and selecting the right one with reasonable prices. You will also get the idea that it usually costs $5000 to $30000 for web designing. Remember it’s not about saving your earned money but getting the website of your demand.


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