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HTML 5. What’s New In It

Published Wed May 11

The New Elements and tag introduced in HTML latest version.


HTML is a terminology used for web documents not like a programming language; it points out the significance , motive and hierarchy of the script in an article.

HTML5 is the modified version of HTML language that embodied a huge breakthrough by its strategies. The motive for specifications to the language was to set a standard for developers to use this with best exercises and deliver an extraordinary developed web.

What’s New In It?

The tags, in HTML 5 we can divide the tags into two categories,

    1.Semantic elements

<main>, <summary>, <time> are included in this section.

    2.Non Semantic elements

<div>, <span>  are included in this part.

The following tags has been introduced the new version of HTML;


It prescribes an independent portion of the content in documents such as a blog entry or newspaper article.

Article functions like a head tag.


It signifies a part of content that is only rarely associated with the rest of the page.

It is an ordinary tag which connects the content to the surrounding content.


As clarified by the name, It is an embedded content tag there to indicate an audio file in an HTML document.


It allows generating active bitmap illustrations on the drift such as graphs or games. It characterizes the particular content in the structure of categorization maps, images , cord articles, and many more.


With this tag users can summon their commands.


It prescribes a table of  predefined choices for input elements to choose from.


It is operated to define or convey auxiliary message or management which the user can receive on request. It is one of the interactive aspects like getting the ability to conceal or express the information.


It is used to mark up the text with the background color to attract the users for specific words they are searching for.


It is used to define a proportion/measurement such as disk usage.


This represents the navigational links on the page to correlate with the other pages in the document.


It is used to display some sort of output/product such as in the feature of calculation performed through scripting.


Defined by the name as it represents the part of the code like body, header and footer.


Meta tag furnishes explanation of the HTML document. It tells us about the author’s name, date, adaptations etc .


Beneath the details tag, we carry a summary tag to summarize  the opinions presented in details.

    15.<figure> and <figcaption>

It is a simple tag to integrate an image and assign it to a caption.


The main tag is used to illustrate important messages in the document.

Input Tags Introduced In HTML 5

The following are the new input elements in HTML latest version:


It is a color selector that defines a color of the input that could be denoted by a wheel or swatch picker.

      2.Date time

You can easily display the full date and time including a time zone.


This tag defines a field for an email.


You can select for a month within an allotted year.


This element represents the numeric value present in the document.


It defines the control for entering a number whose exact value is not important.


It establishes a text space for entering a search chain.


Your input type should be in URL type.


Selector for a week within an allotted year.


It is a time indicator and selector with no time zone memo.


It expresses the quality text that is given as input.

Final Words:

Basically they are the basic tags that are introduced in the HTML5 version. These tags are valuable in various meanings in the invention of websites. With these elements you can create an efficient and complicated web faster. HTML5’s new features will give you a boost to create an amazing website.

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