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Jegnite is a woman and minority owned business specializing in IT and Engineering Management Services. The company helps businesses with different services including IT Management Consulting, Product Management, and Enterprise Operations so that they can operate in the most efficient manner possible.


The website contained many UX issues that needed to be addressed in order to improve the functionality and ease of use of the website.

  • Overwhelmed with buttonsThere were too many Call to Action buttons scattered around the sites unnecessarily.

  • Difficult to Navigate WebsiteThe layout of the website was not intuitive, causing confusion.

  • Unclear Purpose of PagesThe main objective of pages on the website was not clear and seemed irrelevant. 

  • List too LongThe Services page contained a long list of bullet points devoid of any further detail or any visual elements. 


We began by removing the unnecessary components of the website, making it more clean and easier to navigate. We divided the content up so it would be easier for readers to understand. For the Services page, we also divided them into categories and split them up visually to allow visitors to focus on one section at a time rather than being overwhelmed.

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