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What are the latest Trends in E-commerce for 2022

Published Mon May 9

E-commerce is currently prevalent for people of all generations as all you want can be delivered to your doorsteps through e-commerce. The e-commerce landscape has transformed dramatically over the recent two years. 2021 has been an engaging year for businesses around the world. From prominent evolution in technology to extensive challenges with supply chains, business owners were on their toes. It’s more important than ever to see the developing trend of e-commerce. The pandemic solely boosted the advancement of e-commerce quicker and the dividend for 2022 is projected at $5.02 billion. Let’s take a look at the prime e-commerce trends that need to be formulated in 2022.

Augmented Reality (AR Commerce):

In 2022, businesses will proceed to endeavor with modern technology to stand out in the struggle. For example, it was Snapchat that initiated augmented reality into social media protocols. Details like good’s visualizer,  product window, 3-D mapping and augmented reality found it even easier for customers to visualize, examine and check commodities online. Augmented and virtual reality come off like a pioneering concept. Multiple e-commerce brands picked it up during the pandemic to restore the division. Augmented reality goes on to expand and become more extensive among a large range of interests as augmented and virtual reality helps buyers to search, examine, and view items from multiple positions that provokes more certainty in the purchase. Augmented Reality marketing seizes an entire new meaning of “Try before you buy”. It assists the brands to catch the eye of customers well because customers are apt to preview commodities/items and experience them before buying. Augmented Reality facilitates customers to make more mindful decisions/choices.


Sustainability is as of now a trend or mode in trading and will surely proceed in 2022 as e-commerce latest trend.

Customers are accumulating heaps of proclaimed sustainable brands. In particular, young people are extensively attracted to it.

Numerous brands are diversifying from plastics, specifically when it comes to packaging. Furthermore, many groups have embarked to incorporate product’s information from the basis of materials and how to recycle them.

As customers’ consciousness regarding environmental subjects increases they are keeping up to a higher perspective for responsibility.

According to Nosto’s commissioned online analysis to realize consumer attitudes around sustainability, 45% of offenders were pursuing environmentally sustainable brands. And 75% of environmentally-conscious consumers want brands to reduce the amount of packaging they use.

Social Commerce:

Nowadays, people not only use social media platforms to get in touch with their family or friends but to also purchase goods in a smart way.

Due to the Omicron variant, Digital2022 revealed that about 58% of the social media users get captivated by commodities after watching them on Insta or Facebook stories. Buying products and services instantly from a social media forum also has significance because a user can handily shop his esteemed decision through a single touch. This social media power will lead to e-commerce in the future. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp usage embraces social media users to buy their stuff at their own convenience and just in a click.

This social commerce networking is currently participating through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest and Web chat but looking onwards as YouTube, Tiktok and Twitter have also been enlightened to start it due to broadly engaged audiences set up on these forums.

As a business management’s agenda is to increase their social media budget, they expect to build impressive social strategies like creating content to immerse followers partnering with influencers, and broadening their business by regulating live stream shopping to showcase products, paid advertising and app shopping features to drive sales.

Mobile Commerce:

Mobile commerce is an increasingly huge subset of e-commerce where a firm or particular person can accomplish business. Mobile commerce is also an important happening trend. Your business needs to develop an easy and interesting momentum to keep your customers coming back to your business. The extent of tools efficient for mobile commerce is thriving hugely. For example, Digital wallets facilitate customers having in-store purchases. Mobile commerce apps enable location tracking to help customers track down items in the store. Safety also intensifies with e-commerce apps since multi-factor authentication can be executed.

Customers often connect with mobile applications to modify their overall shopping experience.

Direct to Consumers Business:

It is more efficient for business owners to trade/retail a wide range of commodities without employing wholesalers or tailors as arbitrators. It is a cost-effective strategy as it eliminates multiple steps between you and the customer.

For D2C you are required to retain a dominant digital existence and important to recognize who is your buyer and what are his requirements.

Create Live Shopping Experiences:

The “See-now-and-want-now” psyche is promptly becoming marketable nowadays. Videos are a powerful carrier for retailing your products and persuading new customers. Browsers are surging to embrace this direction to connect with customers more interactively. Live shopping‘s trendiness is also an occasion to not only showcase products but also link directly to a brand’s e-commerce platform to bring sales. Live shopping is leading to be a big invention in evaluating as a strategy/trend in 2022 and to derive customers’ concentration and loyalty towards the brand. In the U.S. alone, the live stream market was valued to surpass $11 billion in 2021, and Coresight Research indicates that it will grow up to $25 billion by 2023. The impressive unboxing videos, tutorials, and user incited content are common examples of live streaming which with customers could help them to make better buying decisions. During the broadcast consumers are proficient to interact with each other via chat box and develop the highlighted products. It is comparable to in-store associates responding to your concerns but now it’s from the forefront of your home’s comfort.

Additional Payment Options:

If your website receives cost only via check, credit or debit card it’s a slight concern to consider new alternatives.

Many online dealers now use methods that permit consumers to purchase with a payment policy with no excess fees. For example, your checkout method, so that when customers are ready to buy, it’s a fast and easy process. Proposing a diversity of routes to pay is a decent way to boost and restore transactions on mobile devices.

Moreover, if a customer approves their payment information on your site it will be helpful to check out quickly the second time to make a purchase.At checkout customers will obtain an ID that will be unique to the brand also. Under this unique ID you will securely preserve the payment data, shipping and billing addresses, preferences etc.

E-commerce Development Services in UAE:

E-commerce business is booming in Dubai. We shop online more than ever as the special digital economy goes on its upward trend.

Online businesses in Dubai count up to nearly hundreds of well-known shops. The increase in the scenario is not due to pandemic but also because the online stores are available 24/7, which redeems your travelling time and makes it simple to excavate the best pact from the convenience of your home.

With the development of e-commerce in UAE, no wonder the demand for e-commerce licenses is evolving and of course there are many choices and possibilities for setting up an e-commerce business in the market.

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