Case Study

Loan Simple


LoanSimple is a loan company which aims to simplify the process of buying a house or refinancing a mortgage.


When the company approached us, their website lacked functionality and aesthetics. There was too much clutter filling up the pages, creating an overwhelming feeling to the site. The company was looking to revamp their website to showcase their services in an appealing manner while optimizing the user experience at the same time.

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Through the light and enticing colors used throughout the website, we created a more friendly looking theme to an otherwise intimidating industry. The use of these colors help reemphasize what this brand is trying to accomplish by demystifying the long process of financing and making it less intimidating. The copywriting is also written in an informal and concise way to continue the same objective. We reduced the amount of images, design elements, and words on the pages to create a more clean look and feel to the entire website.

Website Layout


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