Precision Technologies & Engineering

Precision Tech provides solutions for its clients to manage patients’ information through the use of information technology, health informatics, database management and data visualization.


To provide information about the services the company provides to its clients in a clear and concise manner while also providing a place where clients can contact the company for further information or to make a purchase of a service.


  • When the company asked for our help, their website lacked appeal and did not present information in a clear manner. They wanted to capture the essence of their company without compromising on providing all the technical information; however, the lack of clarity in their presentation failed to do that. Additionally, the layout of the website added to the confusion.


We used attractive designs to represent their company through the look of the website, while incorporating the colors of the logo throughout. We broke down the information in an easier to read format as well. We made sure that the website was easy to navigate for users by limiting the amount of pages needed to present the information.


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