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Team Puggi is a nonprofit organization striving to make a change towards how suicide and other mental health conditions are viewed. They aim to support education, research, and treatment for anyone who is struggling. 

and Solution

When Team Puggi approached us, it was not clear what their website was trying to accomplish. There was a jumble of information and no clear sense of direction. The website lacked any sort of hierarchy in information and all the information was on the landing page. Visually, there was no theme apparent in the design either.

Since the mission of Team Puggi is inspired from a personal connection, we made sure to emphasis the basis of this organization by providing a section including that information. Team Puggi is about creating a support system and allowing people to have resources, so we made sure to include contact forms and a list of helplines that visitors could access. We made the layout clean cut with easy to read font and not too many fancy details as we wanted the main focus to be on the content of the website.

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