About the Company

TeachLearnLead was created to provide a resource for educators accross the globe to connect people to new ideas, people and inspiration. The website hosts a podcast, resources for professional development, teaching, as well as leadership. Furthermore, the website lists schools so users can search for career opportunities. Overall, TeachLearnLead aims to be a complete tool for those seeking to be in the field of education.


The lack of clarity on the website meant that it was uncertain what the purpose of the site really was.

The colors of the website were harsh and unappealing, making it distracting on the eyes to view.

The website was mostly text-based and not interactive nor up to date.

All the information of the website was all on the same page, creating chaos with no organization.



In order to address the issues found, we reformed the look and feel of the website by using complementary colors throughout the website that matched the branding of the company.

We added more sections to the website so that the information would remain clearly divided in an effective way. Additionally, we made the website more interactive by incorporating videos, links, and images.

Bringing It All Together

In the end, we were able to create a cohesive website that was not only visually appealing, but had a clear direction and was easy to navigate as well.

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