Theater Academy takes an innovative approach to the field of theater. They aim to break down barriers that prevent people from pursuing this field, mainly financial and geographical restrictions. Theater Academy allows students to take classes online and connect with practitioners as well.


The aim of the website is to provide visitors with information about theater and the courses they offer; they allow purchases on the website directly as well. Additionally, visitors are able to connect with a coach through the site.

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The Challenge.

After seeing the original website, it was clear that a major concern would be the visual aspect of the site, especially for a brand focused on performance. Additionally, there were many broken links taking away from effectiveness of the website. All the content was crammed on the homepage which left a very overwhelming look.


We focused on creating an appealing look to the site, using dynamic images that would captivate visitors to explore the content presented.  We made sure to fix the broken links, and we broke down the information into clear sections and different pages which improved the user experience.