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Things You Should Know About HTML5 Game Development

Published Tue May 10

In the recent era of technology advancements you should be aware of HTML5 configurations and strategies, and development.


Hypertext markup language (HTML5) is inferred as a standard markup language for web pages. More than a markup language, you can use this set of modern web technology in creating cross-platform and cross browser games.

HTML5 Games:

HTML5 games are largely played on the internet as similar to other devices, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets.

HTML5 games are also created as local web games and can be viewed in browsers. HTML5 permits to create cross platform and cross browser mobile app games.

Developers are now producing facilities by using this technology as its language provides right away ingenious executions to access the games across different devices and platforms.

Things to Know About the HTML5 Game Development:

HTML5 development contributes advanced features like 3-D and 2-D graphics, audio apps and offline asset storage.

Here are the factors for which HTML5 game development is in charge:

Cross Platform and Cross Browsers Support:

The games can be created with norms of regulations like aspect ratio, screen size, and resolutions because of cross-platform support.

HTML5 games can be operated at different platforms Like iOS, Android, or Windows as well as on browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.


  • It is able to distribute easily on browser or mobile. You will have to code once and can display the game anywhere, and you don’t have to install it for instance.
  • It costs less than that of creating native apps for each OS.
  • HTML5 enables lenient cross-platform communication, allowing for an entertainer of cloud-based aspects ranging from social networks to the ongoing game world.

HTML5 Game Development Can Handle Emerging Markets:

To develop different games for different devices is complicated, particularly for developing countries or emerging markets.Emerging markets are inferred as those countries which are attempting to improve their technology nowadays. HTML5 is very beneficial for those developers also, as it provides/ offers code reusability, so that their developers can set up games on different platforms handily.

HTML5 Frameworks:

To develop games, certain game frameworks have been used; the game engines in HTML5 are the basic reason for developers to be attracted towards it. There are so many factors in HTML5 game frameworks that can be consumed to invent your games, such as game level design, graphical aspect, scenarios, animations, audio, maps and other.

Some of the HTML5 game frameworks are:

  • Impact:

Impact is a JavaScript game engine, used to build stunning HTML5 games for mobile and browsers. It holds a distinctive world-class editor to make your game invention process simple.

  • Construct 2:

To design 2-D games for multiple platforms without coding or programming language, it is a powerful tool/game developer which particularly develops your game.

  • Phaser:

It is a JavaScript archive which works to develop a visually pleasing domain for games. It enables you to add dynamics or illustrations to web pages in the form of joyful and amusing games.

  • Crafty:

It is a simple JavaScript based HTML5 game engine which is designed to make simple games with fully featured 2-D graphics.

HTML5 Game Development Makes Updates and Promotion Manageable:

One of the great advantages is that HTML5 web apps get updated automatically, no burden for users to go through the manual updating process. Anyone who is using the application will be facilitated with the updated version. Another benefit is that when a developer establishes a game with HTML 5, he can promote all details to a website at once and it will be available for all; for this, HTML5 attracts a larger audience. With numerous operating systems promoting games developed using HTML5, you can also share the game handily, like just sharing a link into a website and it’s executed.

HTML5 Game Development Using Web GL and Canvas:

To develop complex games for browsers, basic computing like web GL and Canvas are used in HTML5.

Canvas is favorable to design/make shapes and convert them into 3-D illusions used in games. Canvas also provides audio-video support.

Webgl (website graphic library) provokes game developers independent of plug-ins.

Webgl eases the implementation of  3-D and 2-D illusion in the browsers.

Drawbacks of HTML5 Game Development:

Having so many advantages, HTML5 has some considerable downsides compared with other technology-based web games:

  • The outdated or outmoded browser will not be able to play HTML5 games. This can be complicated for those areas where all systems installed become outdated and have no way to update.
  • HTML5 accesses only modern browsers.
  • Gaming conflicts with javascript in HTML5.
  • Update to browser software can have negative effects on HTML5 games. While playing in particular browsers, browser traders are about to quit their own engines when selecting how to stop and execute the ever-changing standard.
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