Recognizing that the needs of the agriculture community were not being fully met by the existing financial ecosystem, Three Farm Financial, Inc.(3F) was founded by farming and financial services professionals to serve the needs of the “underbanked” sectors of the agriculture industry.

Product Offerings

Early Crop Payment

Introduction and Problem

Three Farm Financial (3F) provides unique financial and insurance products to the agricultural industry that are not available elsewhere. When the company approached us, their website lacked functionality and aesthetics. They were looking to revamp their website to showcase their products in an appealing manner while optimizing the user experience at the same time. 


We provided them with an interactive feature that allows visitors to use a filter functionality to find the exact product that suits their unique needs. Furthermore, we displayed their products in a clear and efficient manner on both the homepage and on a separate section with more details. In the design, we emphasized green to match their logo and promote the recurring theme of their business. 


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