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User Experience (UX) Design Services in UAE

Published Wed Feb 16

In the world of websites and mobile apps in the market, a brand with an online presence needs fluency in navigation and an optimized user experience that encourages users to revisit.

User Experiences (UX) and User Interface (UI) are the media of interacting users with the website and creating the feel and experience of it while using it and afterward. Successful brands understand the importance of UX and UI for building a customer pool. A website with good UX and UI has a high level of engagement and emotional connection between your brand and customers.

Best UX Design Services we offer in UAE

A good UX design is complemented with engaging content and a user-friendly website. Our team of UX designers does the competitor and customer analysis to strategize and plan the workflow. We integrate content effectively with images, videos, and blogs to give the desired outcome of your objectives. We then create a user flow and wireframes to map out the journey. Plus, we test the prototype on real users. Once it is done with all fixing, it is ready to go for development and then launching. Our UX/UI services include:

  • Extensive user research and create user personas
  • Planning and Strategize Product structure
  • Determine information architecture
  • Mapping user flows and wireframing
  • Prototyping and user testing
  • Provide mobile-optimized designs
  • Usability-focused layouts, interfaces, and designs
  • Use of various technologies like HTML, HTML5, CSS, to bring the most seamless and engaging user experience

At Insitech, our team of developers, designers, and marketers strongly focuses on building a significant user experience through efficient UX design for your website or app. In this competitive age, there is a dire need to stand out differently in order to grab attention through a customized user experience that leads to conversion.

Does UX Design Require Coding?

The answer may be yes or no, depending upon the level of design. For an initial level, it can be said no as most UX designers do not require coding. If you need a better understanding and appreciation to take advantage in this field, then yes, for the betterment.

Do UX designers need to learn to code?

Yes, UX designers need to learn to code. It may not be required, but if the UX designer knows the programming language it will be beneficial for him. In a sense, he can easily communicate with the development team and easily understand their working process. At the time of prototyping and testing, a designer needs to coordinate with the web developers, app developers, and other team members to create a dummy that will represent the main idea of the final product.

A user doesn’t know how the product is created or presented to him. He only cares what he is getting from it, his experience, and the emotions connected with it. But behind the scenes of creating this experience, a UX designer needs to conduct research about the users’ needs and wants and integrate them into the design. Therefore, how to use the website or app is the designers’ job, but how it works seamlessly is the front-end developers’ job. Now they both need to communicate and cooperate to give a better result for the users who even don’t know how it is created. For this reason, UX designers should learn the coding language to speak the language of both developers and users.

Does UI UX Pay Well?
Getting paid well depends upon where you are working and what’s your role in UX designing. In this article, you will get an idea of what the average salary a designer is getting. Like other careers, UX designer salary varies depending on the country, company you work for, and the experience level.

The average salary in UAE for the UI/UX designer is 6,000 AED per month. The average per year salary is 72,000 AED. Depending upon the experience one has, the minimum starting level of salary is 70,500 AED per year to the maximum level of 85,500 AED per year.

The UX design field is increasing in demand, and the rapidly expanding technological world has enhanced the need of this field, its product, and its jobs. If you’re interested in taking the step to initiate your career in this field or switch to UX designer, then go on.

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