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Is Web Development Still in Demand 2022?

Published Mon Mar 7

Have you ever imagined that your website is just like a store window? No matter if your website is selling clothes or food – at the end of the online shopping, a visitor will judge your website just like a store on how it looks.
If you make your website with free online available tools or apps the appearance or impression of your website will seem less appealing or unprofessional. People nowadays are very smart; they easily judge your website whether it is DIY based or designed by a web developer or agency.
Website builder or DIY-based platform doesn’t provide all the necessary tools that will be used in the future for your online business. You cannot have access to developers or SEO for optimizing your website or making any specific changes. These platforms don’t provide any tailored specific need features and support for the long-term objectives and goals of your website. Eventually, the owner of the website or business needs to look for hiring a freelance web developer or an agency.

So, do you want a website that takes less time, effort and money to build? Or a website with more time and effort of making it and fewer features? Obviously, the answer is a big No!
This big “No” of the above answer also gives you the answer that web development is still in demand in 2022. Yes, it is still in demand.

Over the years, the pattern of using the internet has dramatically changed. We are now switched from the static website to dynamic websites and mobile-friendly apps. The web world is changing with time, but it is not dying. People are now asking the question, is there a need for web developers? Does it cost more to hire a web developer as compared to DIY? Are people learning DIY for their websites? And is there over saturation of websites and apps?

This article will give the answers to all these above questions and clear the confusion of is there a demand for web development or not. The negative perception of this web development is depending on how you think of web development. If you consider it just as coding, then web development is still in demand. The demand for web development will remain there because technology is changing rapidly, and people need someone who keeps up with the codes to manipulate the command and help them in creating the latest apps.

However, if you consider it as expensive to hire a freelancer or agency for web development then you may consider it falling. Because web builders and DIY platforms are much easier and cheaper than freelancers and agencies. But the major drawbacks such people face are limited features, no professional look and no optimization, etc.
We can say that the web development world is changing, and hence its demands increase with the latest changes’ requirements. But the developers need to adapt to these changes, so they will not be at risk of becoming old-fashioned at any time.

There are still many companies present who don’t have an online presence because they still didn’t believe in the online marketing of their products and services. But with time they will realize that there is a crucial need for an online presence or having a website for survival in this digital world. Then, finally, they need a web developer or agency for their website. However, the problem they face now is the multiple options available for them for developing a website that was not there earlier. Moreover, they find huge cost differences between website builders and professional web developers. If the company is giant and farsighted, they will go for the option of a professional web development agency or freelancer.

In summing up this article we can say that the world of web development is quickly evolving, but it’s not failing. Web developers may need to hone their skills in order to stay on top of new trends, and they will constantly be a vital part of designing digital projects for clients. The demand for web development will remain there.


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