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How Website Development Services Are Important for Digital Business Growth?

Published Mon Mar 7

Nowadays, some people started believing that social media has swapped the need for a website. The reason is that there is a shift in online interaction from desktop to mobile devices on social media platforms. But a website is still extremely crucial for your business even from the marketing perspective. People spend most of their time surfing the internet; ultimately it results in changes in ways of searching and accessing information, shopping and chatting. So, every size business must adapt with their online presence to remain in front of the google search page.
Though with the advancement of online and social media, website development services are still important for digital business growth. In this article, we will tell you how it is important and what are the steps of website development.

  • Protecting the brand identity – A website gives ownership to your business and brand identity. A website gives you control over third-party websites and ads if you have the right website domain. A website builds the brands and attracts people to engage with it which results in massive traffic.
  • Enhances quality search engine traffic – A well-optimized and developed website plays a crucial role in enhancing valuable search engine traffic. Usually, customers search information with the help of keywords searched prior in google and other search engines. Optimizing the website with such keywords and titles help customers in finding your website which is good for your digital business growth.
  • Business accessible anytime and anywhere – The main advantage of having a website is that your business is accessible anytime and anywhere to anyone. Your social media and website never shut down. The product or service information is available during non-business hours and customers can get the information anytime they need it.
  • Gateway to online marketing – Your online presence will give you the opportunity to market your business to the public. Website development companies  and SEO companies know how to optimize your business in the best way to get in front of the viewers.
  • Give ROI more than you invest – A well-developed and optimized website sells more products or services than the investment you put in it. Your website is open 24/7, which gives you the chance to sell your product all the time.

It is now clear that website development plays a crucial role in the digital growth of your business; thus a professional website is required to stand out in the competition.

What Are The 7 Steps of Web Development?

Professional website development is based on the seven steps, which are as follows:

  • Information Gathering – The first step in the web development process is gathering information about the business, its goals, audience and competitor. Business details include the mission, vision, product or service offering, purpose, and unique value proposition. The goals of the company must be clear and measurable. Information for the target audience includes their likes and dislikes, preferences and expectations, etc. Competitors’ details include the analyses of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Website Planning – It defines the website layout, and it consists of the sitemap and wireframe. A site map organizes the website content to express the look, feel and functionality of every page. A wireframe defines the layout of each page and outlines the element and content.
  • Website Designing – This step involves the user interface (UI) design to create the look and feel of the website.
  • Content Creation – The next step is planning and creating the content. Plan your content with respect to a target audience. Create the content using the optimized keywords.
  • Website Development – Once all the information is gathered, your layout is planned and outlined. Now, it’s time for website development. For website development, you need a back-end or front-end, or full-stack developer.
  • Test and Launch of Website – Your website is ready, but before going to live, test it. Test the functionality of all the elements of the website to make sure there are no issues like broken lines, compatibility, content view, or any bugs. Once all the issues are resolved, a website is ready to launch and go live.
  • Maintenance of Website – Launching the website is not the end of the web development responsibility. With time there is a requirement of making amendments such as increasing pages number, functionalities, and features, editing and adding the content, and installing plugins, etc.
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