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What Are 3 Types of Web Developments?

Published Mon Mar 7

Have you ever thought of a backside story of a website? When users click an article to shop, add it to the cart and proceed to checkout. This process is done through coding, which tells the website about how to do it.

Web developers are not only responsible for creating the feel and look of these clicks but also for the process of driving the website. There are three types of web developments:

  • Front-end web development – This development is responsible for the look and feel of the website. It means how images and icons appear, and which color type is used. Additionally, it is also responsible for how websites appear in different screen sizes. Front-end web development used programming languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The front-end developers are accountable for the optimized website and security of the website and recent trends in website design and development.
  • Back-end web development – Its responsibility is to build and maintain the coding process to run the website. This development ensures the connection of the website with the server through the coding and flow of data properly. The back-end web development uses Java, PHP, Python, Golang and MySQL as programming languages.
  • Full-stack web development – It has the responsibility of performing the task of both front-end and back-end web development. The full-stack developer is responsible for all the facets of a website including the server-side and user side. A full-stack developer has broad experience; however, he may still specialize in one aspect.

This article will discuss the three types of web developments and which technologies these types are used. Each type has a different role in developing a website. Let’s start one by one.

Front-end web development:

Front-end web development is also referred to as client-side web development. It is a process of developing and designing the user interface of the website with coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. The objective of developing the front-end of the website is to provide visitors easy to read content with appealing aesthetics. Moreover, to build an effective user interface, the front-end web developers need to be up to date with the latest trends and techniques, so the website is optimized and secure. The different coding language uses have different functions for the front-end web. Let discuss it below:

As per the research by Statista, HTML comes under the most commonly used coding languages. Front-end web designers use this language for the designing of the structure and layout of the website. HTML is used for designing highly interactive pages. It is mostly used for static pages.

CSS (Cascading style sheet)

It is used to enhance the layout and presentation of the website. With the help of HTML coding, CSS designs the webpages. It is mostly used by designers and developers for the styling of the website.

It is used for the interactive purpose of the website. For instance, when a visitor visits anything on Google and clicks the search button – the page changes. The working behind this page changes is JavaScript. This programming language is important for boosting user engagement.

Back-end web development:
Back-end web development is also referred to as server-side web development. The back-end web developers are responsible for writing the code to send a message for the function of the website and building the main foundation of a website. Its main emphasis is on the back-end logic, servers, databases and APIs. A visitor can’t see the science behind the website, which is developed by the back-end developers. By using the front-end and back-end technologies, the best website or web app is built and designed. The programming languages used by back-end web developers and designers are as follows:

It is used for the development of websites, apps, games and software.

It is mostly used to manage databases and dynamic content, tracking, and eCommerce websites. It is integrated with Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

It is used as a database query language for computing a large amount of data.

This language is used to create the framework of the website. Most known social media Instagram and Pinterest are powered by Python.

This is used for building software applications with the integration of other languages such as C#, C++, VB. Net.

It is used for developing web applications.

Full-stack web development:
Full-stack development includes both front-end and back-end web development responsibilities. The full-stack developer has the big responsibility of knowing web design and development, website debugging and database. He has the expertise in developing client-side and server-side web applications and should have database management skills. A full-stack web developer knows the coding languages (HTML, CSS) as well as the programming languages (Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python).

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