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What Is User Experience (UX) Design?

Published Wed Feb 16

Let’s suppose you are landing on a web page that is aesthetically appealing to find something, and you don’t get it easily. So, what’s your feeling? Exhausted or irritated. Now suppose another scenario, in which you land on a page and find easily what you want and proceed to check out. Have you thought about how you get it easily? However, in the first scenario you become exhausted. It is because of the User experience (UX) design and User interface (UI) design of the website.

Let’s discuss more about User Experience (UX), UX design, User interface, and the differences between these two terminologies.

User Experience (UX) is the interaction of the user with the product or simply an experience of a product and service. The experience can come from the physical buying of the product or the checkout process of buying online. In both cases how you feel it and how easily you get it is the user experience. A great user experience is meeting the user’s need in a special context where he wants it. User Experience (UX) Design is the process of designing a product that accomplishes relevant user experience.

UX Design is the umbrella with many subsets; however, the four main disciplines are:

  1. Experience Strategy – It is devising a strategy in such a way that meets the needs of both users and the company.
  2. Interaction Design – It focuses on the interaction of the users with the system through buttons, animations, and page transitions.
  3. User Research – To understand the objective and goals of the user, extensive research is required. UX design conducts surveys, interviews, and testing to create a good design decision.
  4. Information Architecture – It is the process of shaping content and information in such a way that it can be accessed easily and have a meaningful purpose.


What Is the Difference Between UI And UX Design?

UX and UI are two different terms, mostly used interchangeably. It is important to recognize that they are two different things. UX is the journey of the user from planning to buying the product/service; UI is how a product/service looks or functions. UX is the broader term, while UI is the subset of it.

UI refers to the interface of the website, app, and product. When a user navigates the screen, the look of the screen, its color, and touch of the button, all of these come under UI. UI design focuses on the visual elements, typography, animations, buttons, and scroll bars. UX and UI go simultaneously; the design of the interface affects the user experience.

The user’s feelings and emotions during the interaction with the product. It is the visual interaction of the product with the users.
It focuses on the journey of the user towards friendliness It focuses on the look of the product through color, images, and typography.
The goal is giving delight while using the product easily and efficiently. The goal is to give aesthetic appeal, usability, and optimization in different screens.

What Does User Experience (UX) Focus On?

UX designers primarily focus on many things to make a good UX design, including:

  • The understanding of the target audience through research related to problem-solving.
  • Creating the strategic plan to align the working process toward the common goals.
  • Information architecture to organize the website content to help find the information easily
  • Devising the user flow to influence users to reach the product.
  • Testing the UX design by mockups or prototypes to get the users’ assumptions and ideas.

Other focal points of UX design are:

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Usability and Convenience
  • Pleasurable and meaningful

When you are using an app or navigating any website, the feeling during the use of the app and navigation is the experience. This experience can be good or bad depending upon the user’s interaction with it. UX designer works on users’ different touchpoints to give an everlasting experience. Through research about the users and the product, workflow, information architecture, and taking users to accomplish the task. The objectives of UX and UI design are to ensure that a product fulfils users’ needs and the desired outcome of both the users and the company meets.

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