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What is Web Design: Everything You Need to Know

Published Thu Feb 10

In the context of e-commerce, a successful website is the one that attracts viewers, builds a feeling of trust, reliability, and satisfaction, and converts them into generating sales. From the various researches regarding the factors associated with the success of a website from the users’ point of view, one of them is the web design. In this way, eCommerce companies can ensure a feeling of trust, satisfaction, and significant intentions to their websites. A well-designed website enforces users to visit and/or purchase from the website. A simple and easy-to-navigate website presents more clear information and appears more appealing for CTA (Call-To-Action).

Web design is simply defined as the creation of web pages. In a broader term, it is referred to as the user experience features of the website reflecting the brand and its information. After the mid of 2010, web design not only focused on the display on desktop but also experiencing websites from tablet and mobile browsers. The process of creating a concept, pouring it into the website, conceptualizing it.

In this article, you will take away what is web designing, what is web design services and what services does a web agency provide.

What Does a Web Designer Do?

Web design is much more than graphic design; a good web designer knows about the digital trends, technical and user constraints, and also the functionality of a website. He has the know-how about the sales tactics, places CTA in a way that elicits sign-ups, adds to cart, and sales. A web designer is also concerned with the digital aspect of selecting aesthetics that best suits every screen type, a layout that appeals towards conversion.

What is a Web Design Service?

To create a long-lasting positive impression, one can hire a professional web design service to make the website look less spammy and more high-quality.

A web design service could vary depending on customers need that could include:

  • Branding collateral.
  • Infographic
  • Logo
  • Web content
  • Landing page
  • Brochure
  • Web banner

Branding Collateral:

Brand collateral is the association of different media used to market the brand (product and/or services). The designing of the collateral items is one of the services web designers provide.


Infographics are a type of brand collateral service in which different visualizations like diagrams, charts, bars, and images are used to create the perception of the brand in the mind of the target market. The specific usage of colors and images can create relative images in the customer’s mind.


A logo is a symbolic representation of the brand. Web design services offer custom logo design and redesign that gives the brand recognition, identity with professionalism.

Landing page:

Confronting ads while using social media apps could be annoying. They are designed on purpose by web design service providers to take you to the webpage they want you to land on, the resulting page is known as landing page.

Web content:

The web content is the information provided on websites regarding the product or services. Web design services provide meaningful write-ups that highlights the core values and specification of the brand.

Web brochure:

As the world moves from manual to digital, so are the marketing techniques. A web brochure is a digitally presented form of brochure which displays the available product and services. It helps customers to go on the web and place their orders.

Web banners:

One of the web design services which are cost-effective and eye-catching is web banners. Web banners are usually placed on publications or the side of articles or blogs for advertisements. They are usually placed on the header or footer of the publication.

The above mentioned are a few of the web designing services that are used to gain a competitive advantage and attract potential market through websites.

What Services Does a Web Design Agency Provide?

Web design agencies aim to provide customers with the best solutions related to all web services. The services could range from customer to customer on a customized basis or could be depending on business size and structure. An upright web agency provides an excellent blend of web design that grabs the attention of the customer pool by creating a positive impression. The web design service agencies provide services like logo designing, web content, video production, brand collateral, Shopify web design, and so on.

What Additional Services Should Attract Customers/Clients?

What makes you different from other agencies are the additional services you provide for the website design, such as:

  • Content Development
  • User Design and Usability
  • Channel Management.
  • Buyer Persona Development.
  • Analytics and Insights.

In today’s digital world, a website that gives nothing to its visitors will create irritation to them, and they will not visit it again in the future. A good website design shall not be obstructive and troublesome for customers to use; rather it should be user friendly, informative, and appealing that not only benefit the key customers but also maximizes Search Engine Optimization.

Partner with a company that understands your objective of building a website that not only looks pretty but also drives traffic to your website and increases the success of your business.
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