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What Is Website Development?

Published Wed Feb 23

Website development, also referred to as web development, is defined as the process of creating, building, and maintaining a site and application. It also includes programming, database management, and web designing. The tools required for the development of a site or application are coding language (HTML and CSS) and programming languages (JavaScript and Python). However, there are other tools to manage or facilitate the development of a website such as CSS (Content management system) which includes WordPress, TYPO3, Adobe Experience Manager and Drupal, etc. The job of web development involves the designing of the functionality and features, construction, and programming of websites and applications.

Have you ever noticed when you visit any website? Its appearance, navigation, designing, and functioning, are all maintained and built by web developers. They do this by coding the languages.

In this article, we will dissect what web development is, its steps, and how much it costs to develop a website.

What Are The Steps For Website Development?

The steps for website development vary from five to eight depending upon the requirement of website development by the client. Here we are going to discuss seven main steps for website development:

  1. Gathering information – The first step is to collect all the necessary information required for the website. The developer should ask maximum relevant questions to get a better insight into the business needs. It will help in analyzing the client requirement, purpose, and goals of website development. The main objective of the client is either information sharing or making business from the website or both. Next is to gather information about the target audience. This gathered information about the business goals and target audience will help in developing a good website.
  2. Planning – The next step is to write down all the information and make a detailed plan. In this step, a site map is made which consists of all the points needed to cover in constructing a website. A site map will tell you what content will appear on the website and how to structure the website navigation.
  3. Designing – It is important to carefully put the visual elements like logo, color, font, and style that represent the brand identity on the website. During the design process, a team develops one or two prototypes of the website. This step requires deep communication between the client and the development team. This will ensure that the final website will match the taste, needs, and vision of the client.
  4. Content writing and content assembling – When a website comes to this step, it is usually in the form of a static image. Now it requires some more development: first, it translates into HTML and then adds animations. First, the homepage is developed followed by inner pages. Once they are developed it is populated by content and other interactive elements such as shopping carts.
  5. Testing – Once all the above steps are finished, it needs to be fully tested. Each page of a website is tested to ensure that they all are linked and are displayed uniformly in all browsers.
  6. Delivery and Launching – After the testing, if it is finally approved by the client, then it’s time to go for a launch.
  7. Maintenance – After the website goes live, it usually requires regular maintenance. With time, new content and features are uploaded on the website: for this, user testing is done to improve usability.

The above steps for website development are just a demo for your understanding, and it can be changed or adjusted with respect to client and project needs. Good communication with the clients and the right tools are the keys to successful website development.

What Is The Price Of Website Development?

As per the research, the price of website development ranges from $1000 to $95000+ depending on the complexity of the website.

  • For a small business, the price could be $500 to $10000.
  • For a typical website, the price may be between $100 to $500 and can reach $30000 for a complex custom-rich website.
  • The price of a website with launching and designing ranges from $12000 to $15000; with regular maintenance its price increases to around $30 to $6000 per month or $360 to $72000 per year.

The price of website development may also vary depending on how you build your website, whether through a website builder, with WordPress, or by hiring a professional developer. If you develop a website by using a website builder, it costs as low as $6/month, whereas through WordPress the monthly cost ranges from $10 to $50. The most expensive option is hiring a web designer who can charge more than $10000.

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