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Why is Redesigning a Website Important?

Published Wed Feb 23

A well-designed and great user-friendly website increases traffic and engagement. However, if your website is not meeting the expectation it will hurt you. Do you remember? When was the last time you updated your website or redesigned it? A website is a fluid thing, so it is important to keep it evolving to meet the needs of the industry and your customer. Why is redesigning a website important? There are various reasons for redesigning a website, which is as follows:

  • Outdated / Old looking Website – You cannot imagine, still in this advanced technological era there are some websites which look like they were in a decade ago. This will hurt their business because a person with no experience can determine an outdated website and will visit another competitor’s website. A well-designed and user-friendly website will attract consumers. It gives assurance about the website that it is growing and using the latest trends and technologies.
  • Incompatible user experience and responsiveness – A decade back, it was easy to maintain just a desktop website for several years. Nowadays, it is not applicable, as people use their smartphones, laptop, and table for shopping online, researching, and connecting with friends and family. Today’s consumer wants a seamless experience from all the devices they are using. They expect if they have saved any product or information for later use, it is still present if they visit it from their laptop. If your website is not providing these needs, you will lose your traffic.
  • Lacking the latest features – Technology is changing and evolving rapidly. One who is on the top of the list of the latest trend and user experience could rank below far. It is important to pay attention to your competitor, what big companies are doing, what new features are implemented and what other people are doing. If you don’t give enough attention you will lose in this game.
  • Absence of current business strategy and product updates – There are many companies whose website didn’t reflect their latest business strategy and new products. If you don’t want to lose your traffic, it’s time to redesign your website and upgrade it with your current business strategy.

What Do You Need To Know Before Beginning The Redesign Process?

Without getting to know why the redesigning process is needed and what needs to be improved, your website may wind up failing. It is essential to set goals and purposes before beginning the redesign process.

  • What are the objectives of the redesign?

No matter if you are working on redesigning or creating a new website, it is important to set the purposes or objectives and identify the key factors for determining the success of the website. What do you need to accomplish? It is important to take out some of your time before beginning a website redesign or relaunch. List down all the set goals and what needs to be accomplished.

  • Are you going for minor changes or complete renovation?

Almost in all cases, the present website will have some aspects which are effective and are the strengths of the company, while some aspects may lead to weakness or ineffectiveness. So, the strengths and effective aspects need to be maintained while redesigning, and the weak and ineffective aspects should be improved.

A website redesign can be minor changes to complete overhaul. If it is going to be a completely new look, you have to consider that the new design should resemble the old design. If customers are visiting it again, they can notice the change, byt they shouldn’t feel that they have never visited the website before.

How Much Does it Cost to Redesign a Website for a Small Business?

Small businesses and new startups have very limited budgets, so they often start redesigning with a low budget. The average small business investment for the website redesign is around $2000 to $15000. There are online tools too that provide affordable design themes from the cost of $30 to $100. Depending upon your required website features the cost varies. Some require a simple website design with no fuss, while others require a high-end website design. In addition to these, there may be a requirement for more web pages. That’s why the cost varies from $2000 to $20000

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